HSU Philosophy Forum

The HSU Philosophy Forum is created and hosted by Mary I. Bockover in the Department of Philosophy. The forum covers topics of contemporary significance and aims to increase understanding of the diversity of ideas, values, and practices embodied by our culture. As a philosophy forum, the aim is also to promote critical as well as constructive thinking, so discussions are expected to be reasonable, respectful, but also open to objections. Formerly called the HSU Ethics Forum, the HSU Philosophy Forum now covers a broader range of topics of interest to the university and larger community.

For more information, contact Mary Bockover, Professor of Philosophy: mary.bockover@humboldt.edu

HSU Philosophy Forum topics have included:

2020-21: Racism and Culture Change - Keynote Speaker, George Yancy on "Between Pessimism and Optimism: White Crisis"

2019-20: Conversations on Culture and Power - Keynote Speaker, John Leguizamo [canceled due to COVID-19]

2018-19: Sexual Awareness in Contemporary Times - Keynote Speaker: Tarana Burke

2018: An Urban Food Revolution - Keynote Speaker, Ron Finley

2017: Identity, Diversity, and Inclusion -  Keynote Speaker: Jennifer Finney Boylan 

2014: Sex, Gender, and the Self -  Keynote Speaker: Janet Mock

2013: Ethics, Animals, and the Environment - Keynote Speaker: Peter Singer

2012: Science and Spirituality: Falling Awake to Diversity - Keynote Speaker: Vic Stenger on "God and the Folly of Faith"

HSU Ethics Forum topics have included:

  • Biomedical Ethics
  • Hate: Some Social, Psychological, and Philosophical Dimensions
  • The Ethics & Politics of Health Care
  • Marriage Equality
  • Persons Living on the Margin
  • Privacy, Safety, and Globalization
  • Addiction: Desire, Disease, or Choice?
  • Global Warming: A Moral Controversy
  • Ethics, Violence, and Revolution
  • War, Peace, and Globalization
  • Life, Death, and Medical Ethics
  • On Democracy
  • Non-violence, Terrorism, and War