Dave Heise

Associate Professor

Ph.D. Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

His teaching interests include philosophies that understand philosophy as the 'craft of living' as well as Ethics & Political Philosophy.

Courses taught include: Logic; Chinese Philosophies, Indian Philosophies; Moral Controversies, Theories of Ethics; Contemporary Political Philosophy; Philosophy of Sex & Love; The Empiricists & Kant; Descartes, Locke & Hume; Kant & the 19th Century, as well as seminars on Marx and Stoicism.

He has published journal articles and book chapters on subjects in Philosophy for Children and Philosophy of Law and was Special Editor for an edition of Essays in Philosophy, on the subject of “Philosophy of Human Rights”. He has been the Keynote speaker at the Ethics in Everyday Life Conference and has presented at conferences inlcuding: American Philosophical Association; American Association of Philosophy Teachers; International Conference on Philosophy; Society for Asian & Comparative Philosophy; World Congress on Asian Philosophy; International Congress on Vedanta; World Congress of the International Association for Philosophy of Law & Social Philosophy; Society for Value Inquiry; and Northwest Philosophy Conference. 

He serves on the editorial board for Questions: Philosophy for Young People; served for several years as a Commissioner and Chair on the Humboldt County Human Rights Commission; and has served as Chair of the Department of Philosophy and on Humboldt’s Academic Senate.

His hobbies include: dogs, hiking, travel & photography.

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Dave Heise
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