Philosophy Club

The Humboldt Philosophy Club is open to any Humboldt student with an interest in philosophy.

The primary purpose of the club is to provide a venue for students to meet and interact with others who share a common interest in philosophy. 

Where and when the club meets and the nature of its meetings and events is up to the current participants. In the past, these have included both academic and social meetings, on and off campus meetings, and an annual weekend trip to the Pacific University Undergraduate Philosophy conference in Oregon.


 The Philosophy Club is a place to expand, discuss, and potentially argue about philosophical topics. It is also: a resource for those who are struggling to write a philosophical document; a refuge in which individuals can raise and discuss any philosophical questions they have pondered; a haven for those who seek edification in the fundamental questions of society, morality, reality, religion, politics, language, how to live well, and more. It is also a lot of fun and a place where you can make new friends.

Philosophy Club has access to the resources (financial and otherwise) afforded Humboldt clubs. For more information see the Humboldt Clubs & Activities page:

Contact the club at:  -- or see the club page:     

Club faculty advisor - Benjamin Sheaffer (Philosophy):