Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

Many of our majors and some minors have submitted their written work and been accepted to participate in conferences. 

Typically, several of our students also go with them for the road trip / social experience. They carpool and share hotel rooms to reduce costs. Philosophy Club has typically been involved in organizing such group travel as well as a forum for students to help each other prepare thier paper submissions.  

Students who present their work at a conference can receive partial to full travel reimbursement from the university (if they fill out the proper paperwork in advance). This must be submitted early in the fall semester to reserve travel funds should your paper later be accepted. See ------


Some of our students have also had their work published in undergraduate philosophy journals such as Process Studies and Res Cogitans.

Pacific University Undergraduate Philosophy Conference (Forest Grove, Oregon):                                                                                                                    https://www.pacificu.edu/about/events/camps-conferences-workshops/undergraduate-philosophy-conference

Philosophy & Religious Studies Undergraduate Conference (California State University Bakersfield): https://www.csub.edu/philosophyrs/UndergraduateConf/index.html

*Picture - Philosophy majors out on the town after presenting at a conference.   

Humboldt Philosophy Student Publishing

  • Kyle Smith, "The Benefits of Epistemological Skepticism", Res Cogitans. (2020)
  • Sam Gomes, "Whitehead on the Experience of Causality", Process Studies. (2014)
  • Yolanda Walker, “Machine Functionalism: Brains as Computing Machines”, Res Cogitans (2013)

Humboldt Philosophy Student Presenters at CSU Bakerfield Philosophy & Religious Studies Undergardauate Conference

  • Jake Hanten, "The Justification of Civil Disobedience: When, Why, & How?", (2015)

Humboldt Philosophy Student Presenters at Pacific University Undergraduate Philosophy Conference


  • Kyle Smith, “The Benefits of Epistemological Skepticism"


  • Brandon Upson, “Is Literary Fiction a Source of Knowledge?”
  • Quinn Hermon, “What if Misfortune is the Rule”
  • Olivia Gainer, “We Think, Therefore We Are: A Collectivized Look at Our Modern Ontology”
  • Jessica Richard, “Thomas Kuhn’s Stamp on Scientific Progress: Punctuated Equilibrium and Darwin’s Theory of Evolution”
  • John Ferdon, “Stoicism & Complacency: Can Practicing Stoic Fatalism and the Dichotomy of Control Lead to Non-Ambition?”


  • Miate Castillo Rodriguez, “Analytic v. Synthetic, Distinction or Myth?: Kant’s Kantribution, Quine’s inquisition, & Strawson’s Salvation.”
  • Douglass Keener, “Seven Deadly Sins & Me: The How-To Guide of Will Restriction”
  • John Ferdon, “A Theory of Remembering, or Theories of Remembering”
  • Brendan Morgan, “The Role of Substance in john Locke”
  • Casey Tran, “On Language Being Not Sensible Signs & Its Limits”
  • Kyle Lord, “On Aspects of Narratives, Virtue and Nature”
  • Caitlin Mace, “”William James’ Pragmatic Theory of Truth: The Objectivity of Subjective Experience”
  • Wes Stouder, “The Naess-cessity of Subject/Object Dichotomy”
  • Eric Vaughn, “Roderick Chishom and the Problem of Criterion: One Problem, Two Sets, of Questions, Three Solutions”


  • Four presenters – records incomplete
  • Kayla Santiago-Snyder ----
  • Colbert Kirchner ----


  • Ryan Brunn, "Implications of Separating Out Information from Philosophical Examples" )
  • Ryan Kemp, "Meno, Euthyphro, and the Value of the Philosopher" 
  • Natasha Sanders, "A Universal Process of Progress"
  • Kayla Santiago-Snyder , "Diotima and Dichotomies" 
  • Alan Spencer, "Feminist Epistemology and James' Way of Deriving Truth"


  • Four presenters – records incomplete


  • Gomes, Sam. "Whitehead on the Experience of Causality."
  • Nilan, Michelle. "The Art of Forgetting in the Zhuangzi and Its Practical Applications in Daily Life."
  • Ory, Patrick. "Mechanisms by which War is Made Possible."
  • Waterbury, Kyle. "Zhuangzi as Wilsonian Outsider: From Where Wang Ni Is Coming, To Where Wang Ni Is Going."


  • David Gilstrap, -------
  • Sam Gomes, "Its All In Your Head"
  • Yolanda Walker, “Machine Functionalism: Brains as Computing Machines”


  • Aaron Leonardi, "Human Identity Through Time"
  • Sam Gomes, "On the Ethical Status of Non-Humans"
  • James Bruce, "Aristotle's Defense of the Epistemological and Metaphysical Implications of the Principle of Non-Contradiction"
  • Shannon Bass, "A True Feminist Epistemology"


  • Price Cusolito, "Persistence of Identity: I Know I Exist, But How Can I Be Sure I'm Not a Copy of the Original?"


  • Steve Trbovich, "Skepticism and the Closure Principle"


  • James Grayot, "Philosophical Therapy"
  • Ryan Burke, "Ratios and the History of Western Philosophy"
  • Steve Trbovich, "Philosophical Dogmas and Their Psuedo-Problems"


  • Chani Mooring, "Wittgenstein's Argument against Private Language: A Defense of Meaning as Found in Forms of Life"
  • Oliver Foland, "A Critique of Foundational Beliefs"


  • Nikolas Djordjevski, "A Meaningful Existence"


  • Jolie Colby, "Powerless Conscience vs. Conscienceless"


  • Harry Nethery, "Plato's Symposium and the Speech of Alcibiades"


  • Megan Strong, "Forms of ...Aristotle? A Critique of Aristotle's Critique of Forms"
  • Hannah Epstein, "Wang Pi and Berkeley: Exploring the Tao of Berkeley"


  • Todd M. Shanklin, "Searle's Chinese Room and Connectionist Models of Mind"
  • J.W. Hemann, "Wittgenstein on Naming or Knowing Private Sensations"


  • Jeffrey Johnson, "Unspeakable Truths: One Inconsistency in Searle's Admonitions against Linguistic Philosophy"