Mary Bockover


Ph.D., UC Santa Barbara

Hobbies: Having fun with family and friends, hiking, walking, camping (and occasional backpacking), poetry, pottery, amateur photography, travel, and motorcycling

Service: Dr. Bockover created and runs the Humboldt Philosophy Forum (formerly the Humboldt Ethics Forum). In support of Humboldt’s mission, this university / community forum examines pressing topics and aims to educate in a way that is both critical and constructive. The forum has brought internationally acclaimed speakers such as Victor J. Stenger, Peter Singer, Janet Mock, and Jennifer Finney Boylan. The Humboldt Philosophy Forum is now part of the ‘AS Presents’ series. Dr. Bockover also serves as a biomedical ethics consultant for local hospitals, and has served on several university committees.

Areas of Interest: 

Office Hours: Zoom by appointment


Dr. Bockover has an edited book, and has published journal articles, book chapters, and entries in academic texts in the areas of Comparative Philosophy, Ancient Chinese Philosophy, Ethics, Gender and Identity Theory, and Philosophical Psychology. She has also published book reviews, has given keynote and other invited talks, and has presented at numerous conferences around the world, including in China, the Czech Republic, Germany, Israel, Mexico, Singapore, and at many venues in the USA.


Courses Taught: Philosophies of China, Philosophies of India, Pre-Socratics through Aristotle, Empiricists and Kant, 19th Century Philosophy, Fragmented Universe of Ideas, Theories of Ethics, Philosophy of Sex and Love, Moral Controversies, Asian Philosophy, Introduction to Philosophy, Logic, along with various ‘practical learning’ and ‘service learning’ courses in philosophy.

While a Fulbright Scholar in the Czech Republic during the academic year of 2004 – 2005, Dr. Bockover taught courses at Charles University in Prague, in the areas of Chinese philosophy, ethics, and comparative philosophy. She also guest-lectured on Chinese Philosophy and Religion, American Pragmatism, and Ethics at the University of Pardubice (also in the Czech Republic), and returns regularly to Pardubice the teach Chinese Philosophy and Religion.

Seminars taught: American Philosophy, Philosophy of Death, Philosophy of Mind, and Philosophy in Literature.

Mary I. Bockover
(707) 616-1276
BSS 558